About Us:

The Services provided by Absolute Techniks include Mobile Apps development, transportation management services, Societies Management Services, Product distribution etc. Absolute Techniks works with transit agencies, local governments and interlocal agencies or partnerships, tolling agencies, colleges, universities, hospital systems, logistic providers, housing societies and other public and private operators (each a “Partner” and collectively “Partners”) to facilitate App development and implementation, parking solutions, tolls, various types of sensors on vehicles, digitalisation of billing system for societies etc.

We are a technology company. We do not own, operate, or maintain any parking facility, and we do not provide parking enforcement services. Parking facilities are operated by third-parties. Any Parking restrictions (i.e. no parking signs) take precedence over any information that you receive from us.




The Cashless Parking Services enables you to pay for certain parking through our Services. You can activate the Cashless Parking Services for a particular parking transaction by either

(1) using the App;

(2) calling a phone number provided at the parking site (where available);

(3) initiating a transaction via text messaging (where available) You are solely responsible for correctly entering the relevant parking zone number and space number, which will be displayed at the parking site; and license plate number where required. The parking zone number informs us of the rate to charge you for your parking at that parking site. It also informs us of any restrictions on the amount of time you are permitted to park your vehicle in that zone.

You are responsible for checking the parking site to determine if there are other parking restrictions (“On-Site Parking Restrictions”). On-Site Parking Restrictions may include notices, signs, or directions posted by relevant Partners. We do not and cannot guarantee that the charges displayed in our Services adequately account for On-Site Parking Restrictions. Any violations of On-Site Parking Restrictions are solely your responsibility.

Use of the Cashless Parking Services does not guarantee you a parking space, and you may only initiate the Cashless Parking Services after you have parked in an available space at that parking site. You are responsible for any fine, ticket, or penalty charge issued between the time you park your vehicle and when you receive confirmation that we have accepted your parking transaction request.


The Citations Services enable you to pay for certain citations issued by government municipalities and, where available, appeal them. To access your citation, you will be required to enter certain information, such as your license plate number or citation number. Please be advised that we provide only a platform for you to view and/or pay citations. We are not responsible for the issuance of citations, the validity or legality of such citations, the due date for payment of the citation, or the amount of any fees in citations. To the extent you have questions about your citation, you must do so via the contact information supplied on the citation. You are solely responsible for resolving with the relevant authorities any issues that you may have regarding the issuance of citations.


The Permitting Services enable you to obtain and manage certain parking-related permits issued by our applicable Partners. You will be required to provide us with certain information to obtain a permit, such as the license plate number of your vehicle. Permits issued through the Permitting Services are not transferable.

You understand that permits obtained through the Services may be subject to additional restrictions set by the applicable Partner. For example, permits may be issued specific to a single vehicle. Likewise, applicable third parties may also impose policies that prohibit Absolute Techniks from issuing refunds or exchanges of permits. You must keep the information in your Account and/or with that permit current and accurate, or you may be subject to penalties or fines imposed by regulatory authorities or third parties. You are responsible for any fine, ticket, or penalty charge issued for failure to comply with any permit terms, including terms imposed by government municipalities or other third parties.


The Mobile Ticketing Services enable you to pay certain fares associated with transportation services, such as bus and rail system fares. You must use our mobile ticketing Apps to access the Mobile Ticketing Services. Payment for Mobile Ticketing Services may be on a pay-per-use basis, in which case we would charge your payment method separately for each fare, or you may purchase and manage passes through the Services; the available fare and pass options will depend on the applicable Partner. Depending on the setup with our mobile ticketing Partners, you may be permitted to purchase multiple tickets, store them in your account, and redeem them as they are used. Some Partners may offer discounted fares, such as student or senior fares. By purchasing or redeeming tickets on these discounted fares, you represent and warrant that you qualify for such fares, and you may have to verify eligibility pursuant to our Partners’ requirements. The Mobile Ticketing Services you utilize may contain additional rules and prohibitions. You are responsible for any fine, ticket, or penalty charge issued for failure to comply with such rules and prohibitions.


Our Services may require payments from you, such as when you use the Services to pay for parking, tolls, or transportation fares, society maintenance payments, products or where we offer you the ability to pay citations or purchase permits through the Services. The payment required shall be displayed to you through the Services. You understand that only certain forms of payment may be accepted, and these acceptable forms of payment are subject to change at any time. You may provide us with a method of payment, and by doing so, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to use that method of payment.

You are responsible for all activity in your Account, including payment transactions. When a payment transaction is initiated in your Account, you authorize us to process the applicable fees by charging any payment method you provide us or deducting the fees from any funds you have stored with us. You may also be given the option to prioritize the order in which your payment methods are charged. If you do not have a valid form of payment transaction, you will not have access to all Services. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Account if your payment method is declined or if we suspect any fraud on your Account.